Glorious gardens and other horticultural creations . . .

We create gardens that are breathtaking. Plants and trees that are so amazing and diverse we never tire of sharing our knowledge of them. Horticulture is a lifelong love for us, and we would love to share our passion for the living plant world with you.

Whether trying to create a formal garden with borders and perennials beds…or an unobtrusive native woodland garden…we have the expertise and knowledge to get you to your restful place.

We believe a garden should continue to improve year after year.

There is nothing like great plant materials to finish off a fabulous project. We have sources from all over California and Oregon that allows us to assemble some of the most diverse and rare plant collections in the country. We have available to us many specimen plantings that allow for instant forests, hedges for screening and shade for living spaces.

We have located and transplanted some of the rarest and largest trees and specialty plantings available. We have a diverse knowledge about soil health and restoration. We can assist in the long term care and management of important gardens and habitats. We have extensive knowledge regarding specialty pruning and training. If it goes is in the garden, we have surely planted it.