Intimate spaces . . . gorgeous materials . . . functional perfection

We believe that commercial spaces don’t have to be lifeless. Cold. Unemotional. Identical to what everyone else is doing. We design these ‘shared spaces’ as personal places where either a group of any size or an individual can feel comfortable, welcome and entertained.

“We craft our creative solutions to incorporate unexpected architecture,
gorgeous details, and wonderful materials . . . our goal is to create theatre.”

Delivering the unexpected with high levels of creativity is what we love to do. We add personal details throughout the project to create intimate spaces that make you feel at home. We search out and use many beautiful materials that ordinarily are reserved for residential projects. Accessibility and other important site issues are handled gracefully. We finish off the project with horticultural excellence that becomes a unique attraction at the site.

Let us weave a story into your commercial location that will take your customers and guests to a special place.