Our most important first step in the design process…

Most design firms have a predictable style…their work is easily recognizable through their choice of materials, the design details they use, and overall architectural style of the project. You see a project and you know right way who designed it. That may be good for some . . . but we don’t embrace this philosophy.

“Whether small and intimate…or large and complex,
all of our designs reflect a project’s distinct ‘sense of place’,
the clients’ personal roots, passions and unique requirements . . .
and the unmistakable story that unfolds there.”

In our experience every piece of land or parcel, and the existing or proposed architecture on it, brings special opportunities as well as challenges to the design conversation. We look at how we can take what is great…and build a superb project around it.
We push to develop a design that has elegance and grace in its solution. We take the difficult and negative conditions and resolve them as we move through the process.

When focused on building upon the uniqueness of a project and its site conditions, a wonderful thing happens. A design solution that is sincere, genuine and beautiful emerges. We want your project to be exactly that . . . your project. Not something repackaged from another design we did before. We want your project to be one of a kind reflecting everything that is special about the site and the final design solutions.